Upcoming Planning Board Public Hearings (16 Jul 2020)

The Philipstown Planning Board for the Town of Philipstown, New York will hold a public hearing on Thursday, July 16th, 2020 starting at 7:30 p.m. via zoom to hear the following appeals.

If you would like to attend, please email kmacintyre@philipstown.com to request login information before 7:00 pm on July 16th, 2020.

  • CRS International Self-Storage Warehouse/Office, 2761 Route 9
    TM# 38.-3-64
    (The applicant is seeking Amended Site Plan re-approval for the existing self-storage site plan, similar in scope. The property is approximately 2.47 acres located in the “HC” (Highway Commercial) zoning district.)
  • Slope Line, LLC C/O The Scenic Hudson Trust, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 200 Poughkeepsie
    TM#16.-1-19, 16.-1-18, 16.-1-11, 16.11-1-11, 16.-1-12, 16.-1-15, 16.-1-14, 16.-1-13, 16.-1-20, 16.-1-17, 16.-1-16, 16.11-1-1, 16.11-1-2, 16.11-1-3, 16.15-1-40
    (Approval of the subdivision of 770 acres into 3 parcels.
    Parcel A- 520 acres is unimproved and will be protected by conservation easement or conveyed to New York State.
    Parcel B- 190 acres is improved with small recreational structures. It will be conveyed to an HOA associated with the existing residential community surrounded by the Slope Line Land, and it will be subject to a conservation easement.
    Parcel C- 50 acres is already improved with residential structure and out outbuildings. If and when it is conveyed by Slope Line, it will be conveyed subject to a conservation easement.)

At said hearings all persons will have the right to be heard. Copies of the applications, plat maps, and other related materials may be seen in the Office of the Planning Board at the Philipstown Building Department.

Dated at Philipstown, New York, June 18th, 2020