Town Code & Plans

The Philipstown Planner/Engineer and the Wetlands Inspector will be available the 1st Friday of each month to review applications by appointment only. Please call 845-265-5202 to make an appointment.

Code & Zoning

Town Code
Wetlands Map
Zoning Maps
Comprehensive Plan (Nov 2021)
Philipstown Buildout Analysis (Oct 2006)
Philipstown Buildout Final Report (Oct 2006)
Philipstown Natural Resource and Open Space Protection Plan (Oct 2007)
Open Space Index (revised June 2016)
Philipstown Natural Resources Inventory (2020)
Putnam County Hazard Mitigation Survey (2015)
Philipstown Portion of PC Hazard Mitigation Survey (2015)


Stormwater Management Program
Ground Water Report & Planning Resource


Route 9D Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan
Greenway Grant Feasibility Study (2007)
Hudson Valley Greenway