Local Electric Vehicle Incentives (09 Sep 2021)

The Town of Philipstown today announced a public-private partnership to make it easier and more affordable to switch to an electric vehicle.  The communities of Philipstown, Marbletown, Beacon, and Orange County are collaborating with Sustainable Hudson Valley and the Healey Brothers chain of car dealerships to bring EV education and group purchase incentives to local residents and neighboring communities. Their first event is on September 19th, 2021, from 10 am to 1pm at the Elks Lodge in Beacon, located at 900 Wolcott Avenue.  Healey Brothers will be offering test drives in their Hyundai Kona, Ford Mach-E, and Chevy Bolt electric vehicles. Other electric vehicle models will be on display and people will be on hand to answer all EV related questions, including charging.  Incentives include a $500 gift card from Healey Brothers for  every EV purchased through the test drive event on September 19.

According to Town Supervisor Richard Shea “The benefits of owning an electric vehicle are why you see so many people switching over. Lower cost of operation, no petroleum based fuels and saving the planet for our children is why it makes perfect sense. I look forward to my next truck being an EV. Once you have the information you will see why an electric vehicle is a smart choice.”

EV owners can access New York’s Drive Clean Rebate, discounts on tolls, and a federal tax credit.  Lower operating costs – typically around $1.00 per gallon equivalent.  New York is installing fast chargers at major highway rest stops and has incentive programs that defray most of the costs of charging at business and community destinations.  The Town of Philipstown plans to install a dual port EV charger in the near future.

In addition to these benefits, if ten people in Philipstown purchase or lease a car between now and November, the Town of Philipstown can get a $5000 clean energy community grant to be put towards clean energy projects.  If you do purchase or lease a car, please email the Climate Smart Coordinator csphilipstown@gmail.com and you will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 gift basket from the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market.

For more information on the event, visit https://fb.me/e/22ocNctMJ