Storm Response Information

Dear Philipstown Community Members,

With the flooding rains our community has been hit with over the past week, we hope that you have made it through safely.  We wanted to provide you with a brief update on our Town’s response and useful resources as we make it through this tough stretch.

  1. FEMA declaration of emergency.  This historic storm has done significant and costly damage to our town’s road and drain infrastructure.  I have been meeting with our congressional and federal representatives advocating that they declare a federal emergency which would unlock funding to help us as we recover and repair over the coming months. All residents are encouraged to document (photographs, video, documentation of costs) any damage and keep careful records of all storm related expenses incurred should they become eligible for disaster relief funding through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).Additionally, County Legislator Nancy Montgomery let us know that NYS has developed an online form for self-reporting damages. The purpose is solely to collect information that may help NYS and local officials identify damages to develop requests for federal assistance programs. You can report your property damage here:  DAMAGE SELF REPORTING TOOL. It does not guarantee assistance.
  2. Local road repairs. Our Town Highway Department has been working around the clock to assess the damage and repair the worst hit roads and flooded areas around our town. As I’m sure many residents are dealing with rough roads, we thank you for your patience. As of Monday, July 17th here is an update/status report on the worst hit roads. To see any updates on road progress, please visit
  3. Closed Roads
    Old Manitou Road (closed – needs culvert repair)Damaged Roads
    Old Albany Post Rd.
    Chapman Rd.
    Avery Rd.
    Indian Brook Rd. East
    Philip’s Brook Rd.If you would like to report severe damage on a town road, please email or call 845-265-3530.
  4. Intermunicipal cooperation. Given the damage in both our villages and town, we have been working closely with Mayor Foley and Mayor Winward to cooperate to address issues as they arise.  For example, with the small storm yesterday there was flooding on Cedar St. and village and town representatives were on hand and the Garrison Fire Department was helping to pump water out.  We will continue to work together.

With the impacts of a changing climate, these types of damaging weather events will become more frequent.  We are aware that we will have to invest in our infrastructure to increase our community resiliency in the future.


John Van Tassel
Supervisor, Town of Philipstown

Robert Flaherty
Deputy Supervisor

Judy Farrell

Megan Cotter

Jason Angell