Village of Cold Spring, 8/25/2022

Extreme drought conditions continue in our area. The Village’s water supply is at about 45% capacity across all three municipal reservoirs. It is critical that all users of the Village water supply strictly limit usage to conserve the supply for domestic and sanitary uses, as well as for fire suppression. VIOLATIONS WILL RESULT IN SUMMONSES AND FINES.

Additionally, fire risk is extremely high. The Cold Spring Fire Company reminds residents and business owners not to light outdoor fires for any purpose and to use extreme caution when undertaking activities like grilling food. In consultation with the Chief, the fireworks for Community Day on September 3rd have been cancelled.

As a reminder, the following water restrictions are in place:

  • Use the minimal amount of water required for domestic and sanitary purposes. Keep showers brief; turn off faucets while washing dishes and brushing teeth, etcetera; skip toilet flushes when reasonable.
  • Do not water landscapes and gardens unless your property has a private irrigation supply that does not draw on municipal water.
  • Do not wash cars or buildings.
  • Strictly limit refills on pools and/or hot tubs. Do not use sprinklers or hoses for water play.
  • Business and industries must use the minimum amount of water reasonably necessary to conduct operations.